Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips

Nail care is as important as any other step for body care. If nails are talking about your general state of health, their unkempt appearance says something about your lifestyle. Beauty is one of the concerns of every woman, especially in winter when low temperatures, wind, rain and snow threatening their shine.

It is nice to have long nails, but the white part of the nail, should not be longer than a quarter of the whole nail. To protect the nail, use only good quality nail polish to avoid the repeated cleaning with dissolving. It attacks the nail structure, weakening it. Also, do not peel the nail polish because it scratches your fingernail.

The best remedy for soft nails that break quickly is lemon. A mixture of two tablespoons of lemon juice and a glass of water is very good for the treatment of nail problems. Equally good is olive oil because is rich in vitamins A and E, and have regenerative properties.

Dry and brittle nails are the result of prolonged exposure to cleaning products like dish soap. Therefore, to avoid peeling and breaking them, always wear plastic gloves when using these substances.

Nail care involves compliance of several steps: wash your hands regularly and use a brush to remove dead skin cells, soften the nail for a few minutes in warm water and remove cuticles, nail cutting corners and leveling, grinding edges preferably in a particular direction to avoid delaminating – nail polish application.

Nails become black, although you follow the rules of care and regular manicure? Twice a week, apply a special treatment, putting them in fresh lemon juice for ten minutes. It is not advisable to do this more often, because dehydration can occur due to skin irritation.

A mixture of salt, a few drops of lemon juice and a little oil is particularly effective for nail shine, especially if they are discolored. After you rub the nails with this mixture, soak them in milk to nourish and moisturize.

It is recommended to cut the nails straight in order to prevent occurrence of ingrown nails and other infections. If the nail is wet for a long time, it is the risk of developing fungus. Affected nail is white-yellow, brittle and it will break.

Vitamins are very important for nails and that is why the nutrition matters. Fruits and vegetables are indicated, as well as vitamin D and calcium. Skimmed milk and yogurt are two essential products. If you believe you do not feed properly, you can opt for supplements with multivitamins.

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