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Shimmering balls and psychedelic flashing lights make you feel like boogeying down to some funky music. Everyone looks out of sight with bell bottoms and high platforms shoes in the disco. But you can’t have Saturday night fever without the right makeup. To really stand out as a diva in the crowd, here’s how to do your look.

Do your eyes first so that it is easy to clean up after. Make sure your face is cleansed and moisturised beforehand though.

Use a sticky eye primer so that the glittery eye makeup fashion will have a base to hold on to. Apply all over the eyelids and on the lower lash line too.

Use a bright eye shadow like a canary yellow that was so popular in the disco era. Apply this all over the mobile eyelids. Smudge onto the lower lash lines as well.

Now choose a yellow glitter loose pigment and mix with a drop or two of mixing medium. When you have created the mixture, pat carefully onto the eyelids. The result should be very glittery and dazzling lids. Be careful with this, however, as you do not want the glitter to get into your eyes. Always use glitter that is specially made to be applied around the eye area.

Line the upper and lower lash lines with dark eyeliner. Give the upper lash line some dramatic outer wing action with the liner so that your eyes have a cat eye appearance.

Add some false half lashes to the outer corners of the upper lash line to take the eye makeup fashion up a notch.

Wipe off the excess glitter fallout under the eye area with a cotton bud soaked in eye makeup remover or a cleansing wipe.

Apply your foundation all over your face, with some concealer on the under eye area. Blend well into the hairline, under the jaws and up to the ears for a seamless look. Set with a finishing powder.

Shape and fill in your brows as usual. They need to be strong enough to frame the bright eyes. I prefer to do this step after the foundation so that the edges of the eyebrows are not feathered out when you apply the foundation.

Your cheeks can stand out with a light pink blush right on the apples of your cheeks, blending upwards and outwards.

The mouth in this look can be a glossy bright red. First moisturise the lips so that the lip colour goes on smoother and is more durable. Line the lips with a red lip liner and fill in the entire lip area in makeup fashion. Top this off with a creamy lipstick, ensuring that you do not venture outside the lines of the lips. Use a shiny gloss only on the centre of the lower pout for a juicy appearance.

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